Navigating Auctia

Auctia is a Grafana-based frontend for custom calculated Auction House metrics. If you are unfamiliar with Grafana, you will find here basics for navigating it.

Selecting the dashboard

You can always access the dashboard list by clicking the name of currently selected dashboard, in this case “Greeter dashboard”

A new menu will become visible. Each realm is organized under its own folder, with expansion prefix. After clicking on realm, list of dashboards will become visible.

From there you can select available dashboard.

Reading the dashboard

Standard dashboards provided by me are organised as shown below:

In the upper right corner you can select the timeframe for viewing data. Default duration is last two days. Simplest panels with biggest numbers present the most recent data. Graphs show historical data from selected time period. If a graph has more than one plot it will display a legend underneath. If you click a label under a plot, only that series will become visible. SHIFT+Click is also available if you want to select a subset of plots.